How Payday loans affect a credit report?

If you are going through a cash crunch, you might have to go for a payday loan. This can help you to cover your sudden expenses for the short term.

Like most loans, payday loans can also have some effect on your credit score which can impact your ability to avail of other types of loans in the future.

In this article, we’ll dive into the details of how this all works.

Effect of Payday Loans On Credit Report

Importantly, payday loans can be availed without verifying on a person’s credit report. Likewise, payday lenders often state that they will not report the loan to the credit bureaus. This means that if a person takes out a large payday loan, their credit score may not change at first, provided that the lender keeps their word. However, payday loans can only impact your credit report when you default on the debt taken.

Only when a person defaults on a payday loan and the lender assumes that they can’t pay it back, the lender often sells the right to the debt to a collections agency. Collections agencies are distinct companies that are under no obligation to refrain from reporting the borrower’s default on the payday loan. As a result, the lender remains true to their promise that they will not report the loan to a credit bureau, yet the user’s credit rating is damaged nonetheless, provided that they are in default.

While credit card companies and bank loans are obligated to report a consumer’s on-time payments when they take out a line of credit, they are not obligated to report on-time payments of payday loans. In other words, payday loans might present a large risk to a person’s credit score, but they can’t be used to build credit or repair damaged credit when they are paid on time.  get bad credit loans with 123 Money Loans

While payday loans in and of themselves may not always damage a person’s credit score, the situations in which someone takes out a payday loan may well lead to it causing damage. If a person is taking out a payday loan, they may have already maxed out their other lines of credit. However, they cannot legally use their payday loan to pay off debts from their other lines of credit, and, if they attempt to do so, the credit agencies may ding their credit score even further. 


Yes, you heard it right. Payday loans can significantly impact a person’s credit score but only when the loan defaults. Availing small Payday Plus $100 loans is considered less risky as the repayment amount is smaller so the chances of defaulting the loan become zero.