Blazo Gjorev offers tips for being a successful leader in transportation

Blazo Gjorev, a leader in the transportation industry, discusses the skills necessary for leadership.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, May 28, 2022 — The trucking industry is always susceptible to the rise and falls of consumer trends, the labor market, and the price of other goods, such as fuel, making the need for strong decisions a part of daily business. Successful leaders, such as Blazo Gjorev, are masters of a skill set that mirrors contemporaries in other industries with additions laser-focused on transportation logistics.

Blazo Gjorev identifies key skills

Develop communication for customers and clients

Within the transportation industry, there are several business structures and workforce options. Whether utilizing contract workers or full-time employees, internal communications are essential for keeping personnel informed.

For securing external clients and maintaining congenial relationships, the ability to analyze both logistics and emotional elements is necessary, whether managing an existing account, negotiating new contracts, or planning a merger or acquisition. For Blazo Gjorev, a focus on emotional intelligence is key.

Utilizing the often underlooked communication skill of listening is also essential for strategic decision-making as large quantities of verbal and written information need to be processed in a timely fashion. Gjorev maintains a strong focus on obtaining and growing knowledge to be a successful leader.

Stay focused on strategic improvements and revenue

In the transportation industry, new circumstances make reassessing strategy and developing improvements a key part of any leadership role. As the industry shifts, a leader needs to process all factors impacting revenue, including fuel costs, equipment costs, personnel adjustments, the cost of benefits and salaries, and more.

When one factor shifts, new opportunities can appear to maximize profits or minimize losses, such as role consolidation, renegotiating contracts with suppliers or mergers with, or acquisition of new firms. Embracing opportunities to pivot helps set successful leaders apart.

Plan for growth

From the start of a new business, Blazo Gjorev advises successful leaders are envisioning taking the enterprise to the next level. Gjorev’s own story starts with a role as a temporary truck driver before starting his own business focused on transportation services. He later moved into the refrigerated transportation business through a key acquisition.

By staying growth-minded, Gjorev’s career and influence in the larger transportation industry grew. He now focuses on helping small and medium-sized transportation companies maximize their competitiveness in the market. Successful leaders stay focused on optimization and prepare to scale their business at the first opportunity.

Blazo Gjorev also believes this growth-minded strategy is a mindset successful leaders can share with others. True leaders are able to take their strengths and elevate the skills and abilities of their employees, consulting firms, and contractors to maximize performance internally and externally. For some, such as Gjorev, this leads to new career opportunities, such as consulting with other businesses to help maximize operations.

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